You've tried healing their way.

Let your bones show you your way


 You're on an incredible journey. One that's known by many names:


Coming into alignment

Following your path

a healing journey

Finding your passion and purpose


Amplifying your light and reclaiming your shadow.


You're on a journey back to yourSelf.

Stripping away the "shoulds" and the "coulds" and the "right way" and the "only way." You've tried those. You've felt the shame, and blame. You understand how it feels to give away your power, or trust that someone else knows you better than you know you.


Here's what I know:  you deserve to...








Programs, memberships, and courses in Energy Archaeology guide you into your bones, so your bones can guide you.


Your bones are your compass, your map, and your gateway for the deepest healing.

They'll show you where you're being led, when you need to pause, and when it's time to dig deeper. There's a natural rhythm to your journey that's unique to you, and your bones show you what it is.

No more endless digging, mindless consumption, or healing binges. No more numbing out, dissociating, or distracting.

It's time for bone deep listening.


Whether you've been around the healing block or are new to the neighborhood, you got here just in time for you. 



Listening to your bones is simple.

Here's how you can start. 



Enter the lounge. The place where you can strip away the world and come back to your bones.

As a member, you'll have access to an ever-growing collection of meditations and energy healing sessions so you can live bone deep anywhere, anytime, for $22/month.

Whether you want to quickly balance the flow of energy in your body, create clarity with the orbital sockets, or completely reset your relationship with your bones, it's all inside.

Welcome to your new favorite place to hang out.

Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

“This work is profoundly transformational- you'll have access to the knowledge in your bones- you'll move the things the thought were engrained in you! Ashley is incredible and gentle and powerful and patient and gives you the feeling of being regarded as a worthy. I feel like my life means something now and I'm here to do something powerful, and there are people out there like me. That I can heal and move the things that feel stuck and previously seemed inescapable”

Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

“If you’re looking to connect with parts of you that you may not know exist or are feeling like you’ve tried all kinds of other options to access the deepest parts of you and are missing something, this will allow it to emerge.

My experience was very much sensational and mental in nature. Patterns were broken. Weights lifted. Clarity found on things that have plagued me my whole life. ”

Ashley Stinson | Energy Archaeology™

“Having had such growth and revelation after previous sessions with Ashley, I was so thrilled to see this offer! I want to do them all.

The energy healing sessions are such a lovely experience, Ashley's voice is lovely to listen to, and the meditation was so clear. I had a vivid visual experience and I am still working with this imagery!

it is nice to just BE while listening, and feeling the other hearts focused on the work, too.”


Know Your Bones is the signature Energy Archaeology course, which has been founded on years of transformational energy work in the bones. You'll align your body, mind, and spirit through four core modules: foundation, flow, frequency, and field.

In ten weeks you begin to communicate with your bones and energy field in an intuitive, aligned, and generative way. You learn that your body truly knows how to shift energy if you just let it. It's always guiding you into alignment and right relationship! 

Each live round has a new theme or focus, and this round invites you to re-pattern your embodied and energetic relationship to abundance, wealth, and money from the inside-out.