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Energy Work Health and Safety

You’re excited to get started, but before you decide to binge all of these sessions in one week, let’s take a pause and talk about energy work safety!

It's important to make sure you’re prepared to work with the energy in your bones. Since the lounge is a self-guided and self-paced space, I'm depending on you to be responsible for your own healing and integration. I’ll provide as much guidance and direction as I can in this module, but ultimately it’s up to YOU to make sure you’re safe, regulated, and ready for the journey.

1. Any time you are doing these energy practices, meditations, or longer clearings, make sure you’re hydrated and have been drinking plenty of water all day. A hydrated body moves energy better. It’s science.

2. Identify or create the support you may need. The tips in the integration lesson are a great place to start, but if something big comes up it's helpful to have people or practices in place to help hold and support you.

3. Create a space in your home that feels safe and sacred. A place where your body can feel secure to regulate and open fully. This isn't as important for the shorter meditations, but for the longer energy healing sessions, your body will appreciate the consistency.

4. You may want to have a few things nearby when doing an energy healing session - grab a journal, a pen or pencil, a drink that’s grounding (like an herbal tea, warm lavender nut milk, etc.) any crystals that feel supportive, and candles or other ritual tools that you like. You may also want a blanket and pillow.

5. One final thing - always check in with your nervous system and make sure that it feels good to do the work. If you’re in a state of fight/flight (or freeze/appease) the course may feel too intense. Trust your body on this one. Allow yourself to regulate and come back to it.


In the next lesson we'll talk about integrating this healing work.


 Welcome to The Lounge.

This is your space to strip away everything from the outside world and come back to your bones.

To find clarity

To call up your energetic resonance

To balance your energy flow

To embody joy

To release stress

To deeply heal - bone by bone - the energy in your skeleton

To just BE.

You are held in this space - not only by the guided meditations and energy healing sessions - but by your very foundation. Your bones.

The Lounge is where you can access all of the recorded meditations and energy healing sessions of Energy Archaeology. The collection is ever-expanding as new meditations and healings are created. If there's something you'd like to see or need support around, simply send an email to

You are welcome to explore the three modules below - there are a select few that are open so you can explore the paths and try two of the most popular meditations before you sign up for your FREE trial.

The first is a written section on how to make the most of The Lounge - this includes three separate "paths," depending on your goals and intentions. The first section also contains tips for energy work safety and integration. Below this, you'll find the Guided Meditations and Energy Healing Sessions.

The meditations are shorter and help you learn simple practices to clear, ground, or amplify the energy in your bones. The energy healing sessions are longer and more intense - healing, clearing, and transmuting energy at a deep level.


It looks like you don't have access to The Lounge yet. As soon as you become a member, all of the meditations and energy healing sessions inside are instantly available. In the meantime, scroll around and get a feel for what's calling to your bones!