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Path 1: Daily Meditation

If you are brand new to meditation or already have a daily practice and are looking to tap deeper into your body, this is a great place to start.

You may also be checking out this path because you've carried the story of being bad at meditation.

This story is one I hear often, but it's usually followed by "except with your meditations I go so deep!" or "I've never been able to sit with mySelf like that before!"

Truth be told, you're not bad at it. You just hadn't found a good way in, yet.

Stillness, the brain, focusing on calming the mind...that's not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, it can be an incredibly difficult place to start.

The body is tangible. The bones, accessible. When you learn this way into your body, it becomes easier and easier to calm the mind and find stillness.

I'm an active meditator, more of a journeyer, I guess, and the meditations found in The Lounge reflect that. These guided meditations are a time to go deep within, travel with the workings of your subconscious or unconscious for awhile, and make friends with a part of yourSelf that you haven't sat with before.

To create a consistent meditation practice, I recommend setting aside the same time each day (or period of the day). Create a space that feels supportive, comforting, uplifting, and sacred. You may want to bring some items into that space and create a small altar, but it's not necessary. This is time for you to come back to YOU. The more this time and space feels dedicated to that, the more you'll relish being there!


Path 1:

Embody Your Energetic Resonance - This is the core meditation for this path. Sit with and practice it until you feel comfortable and it's second-nature to call up your own energetic resonance. This is the first step in creating a cohesive field that radiates from your energetic bone foundations through the farthest reaches of your aura. When you can sit in your own vibration and actively bring it into your life, you create a practice of aligning your outside world to your inside one!

Don't rush this one. It may take you a week, or you may practice this daily for a month until you feel confident in consistently projecting your own vibration.


A couple things may happen when you begin this practice, and that's when I recommend adding in other guided meditations. These won't happen in a specific order and are incredibly personal to your own journey. I've done my best to lay out when each further meditation may be useful.


1. You may begin to really notice when other people's energy is impacting your own, your boundaries are being crossed, or people are responding energetically to your internal and external shifts.

If you find this happening, add in the Energetic Protection Meditation.


2. You notice specific situations that pull you out of your energetic resonance. You may begin to feel less flowing river and more raging hurricane. Learn how to balance your energy through the circuit of your arms and legs with the Energy Clearing Circuit.


3. An inner voice or story may begin to arise, making you aware of an inner pattern you hadn't noticed before. Meet an Inner Archetype to find what you need to bring to light and how you can address the shadow aspects of this pattern.

4. You may become aware that your outer world doesn't meet the richness of your inner world. Call in Clarity with the orbital sockets to release the stories and beliefs you've been given and create a whole new vision for yourSelf.


If you get stuck or need some guidance, hit the question mark in the corner and talk directly to me about it!


 Welcome to The Lounge.

This is your space to strip away everything from the outside world and come back to your bones.

To find clarity

To call up your energetic resonance

To balance your energy flow

To embody joy

To release stress

To deeply heal - bone by bone - the energy in your skeleton

To just BE.

You are held in this space - not only by the guided meditations and energy healing sessions - but by your very foundation. Your bones.

The Lounge is where you can access all of the recorded meditations and energy healing sessions of Energy Archaeology. The collection is ever-expanding as new meditations and healings are created. If there's something you'd like to see or need support around, simply send an email to

You are welcome to explore the three modules below - there are a select few that are open so you can explore the paths and try two of the most popular meditations before you sign up for your FREE trial.

The first is a written section on how to make the most of The Lounge - this includes three separate "paths," depending on your goals and intentions. The first section also contains tips for energy work safety and integration. Below this, you'll find the Guided Meditations and Energy Healing Sessions.

The meditations are shorter and help you learn simple practices to clear, ground, or amplify the energy in your bones. The energy healing sessions are longer and more intense - healing, clearing, and transmuting energy at a deep level.


It looks like you don't have access to The Lounge yet. As soon as you become a member, all of the meditations and energy healing sessions inside are instantly available. In the meantime, scroll around and get a feel for what's calling to your bones!