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Path 2: Complete Bone Reset

This path is based off of a slightly modified live group healing program. Over 70 people joined for this and every single person experienced incredible shifts in their energy, life, and thought patterns. The biggest shifts were experienced by people who joined for all of the calls and prioritized showing up for themselves.

As one woman wrote: "This work is profoundly transformational- you'll have access to the knowledge in your bones - you'll move the things the thought were engrained in you! Ashley is incredible and gentle and powerful and patient and gives you the feeling of being regarded as worthy. I actually feel like my life means something now and I'm here to do something powerful, and there are people out there like me. That I can heal and move the things that feel stuck and previously seemed inescapable"


Path 2:

These are deep energy healing sessions and you will need time between them for integration. I recommend doing one session every two weeks, setting aside sacred time to listen to the energy healing, and then sitting with a journal or a cup of cacao or tea to allow the energy to settle. You may find it potent to schedule these sessions with the new and full moons, your bleed cycle, or other times that feel like a natural rhythm.

In the live group round they were every week, which proved to be too close together for most people. Please respect what your body is asking for and create a practice that honors it.

1. Earth Star Chakra

2. Feet + Ankles

3. Legs, Hips + Knees

4. Pelvis + Sacrum

5. Spinal Reset

6. Ribs, Sternum + Collarbones

7. Shoulders, Humerus + Forearms

8. Hands + Wrists

9. Atlas, Axis + Cranium

10. Facial Bones + Pleasure Arc

11. Left + Right Side Body Balancing


This journey through your body will put you deeply and profoundly in touch with your bones and listening to them and hearing what they're asking of you will become intuitive. 

When you've completed this cycle you may find yourself pulled to focus on a specific area again, using some of the meditations or other practices found in The Lounge to support you. You may also want to repeat a specific energy healing session on a monthly basis as you deeply clear what's held there.


 Welcome to The Lounge.

This is your space to strip away everything from the outside world and come back to your bones.

To find clarity

To call up your energetic resonance

To balance your energy flow

To embody joy

To release stress

To deeply heal - bone by bone - the energy in your skeleton

To just BE.

You are held in this space - not only by the guided meditations and energy healing sessions - but by your very foundation. Your bones.

The Lounge is where you can access all of the recorded meditations and energy healing sessions of Energy Archaeology. The collection is ever-expanding as new meditations and healings are created. If there's something you'd like to see or need support around, simply send an email to

You are welcome to explore the three modules below - there are a select few that are open so you can explore the paths and try two of the most popular meditations before you sign up for your FREE trial.

The first is a written section on how to make the most of The Lounge - this includes three separate "paths," depending on your goals and intentions. The first section also contains tips for energy work safety and integration. Below this, you'll find the Guided Meditations and Energy Healing Sessions.

The meditations are shorter and help you learn simple practices to clear, ground, or amplify the energy in your bones. The energy healing sessions are longer and more intense - healing, clearing, and transmuting energy at a deep level.


It looks like you don't have access to The Lounge yet. As soon as you become a member, all of the meditations and energy healing sessions inside are instantly available. In the meantime, scroll around and get a feel for what's calling to your bones!