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Honoring Your Perfect Body

Many of the energy healing sessions found in The Lounge are body-based. As I created them, I began to question if my work was promoting ableism and an ideal of health that isn't universal - especially since I use phrases like "stepping forward" when referring to the feet and legs. I have begun to address this language and use the words moving forward, but since some of these recordings are older, they may have able-ist language. For that, I apologize.

This is always an interesting practice - to switch from the energetics and bring the implications of energy medicine into a more social context. I'll admit that I'm more comfortable talking about the energetics. We all have an energy body, so that gives us this feeling of unity. Of accessibility. Of universality. But we often dismiss that these energy bodies are having a human experience in a very physical body. Bodies which are different colors, who have different ancestral lineages, who have various physical capabilities, illnesses, and states of ease or dis-ease. Who are at different points in the journey of aging, or identify as neuro-divergent.

I have worked with everyone from pre-teens to grandparents, men and womxn, womxn who have uteruses and those who don't, who have birthed babies, who have suffered pregnancy loss, who have been working through infertility. People who have had surgery, organs removed, and battled cancer. People who are neuro-divergent and those who are neuro-typical.

I want to reaffirm to you: the energy in your bones and organs will reflect physical states, but it does not change your ability to work with it.

There is peer-reviewed evidence in scientific journals that matches my experience in the energy body. Even when an organ has been removed or an amputation has been performed to a limb of our physical body, the energy body still exists. I still see the organ and bone as if it was physically there. And science backs this up. In the case of amputation and phantom limb pain, working with an energy medicine practitioner can assist in reducing the affect and severity of the pain associated with the missing limb! When you are working with the energy in your feet and ankles, or your legs, knees, and hips, or arms and hands - you are - even if that part is not physically there or is not considered typical by the medical profession.

Restoring the energetic balance and flow in these areas, does not mean that you will restore physical form or an idealized version of health. You are working with the energy. My own personal experience as an able-bodied woman is that yes, the energy flow in my bones has had a significant impact on the way that my physical body moves and feels. This may or may not be your reality. This may or may not be your story around health. But I do know that working with the energy here will restore the energetic function that this part of the body governs.

Just know, no matter what your body looks like physically, the energy of that part is still accessible to you, and it is perfect.


 Welcome to The Lounge.

This is your space to strip away everything from the outside world and come back to your bones.

To find clarity

To call up your energetic resonance

To balance your energy flow

To embody joy

To release stress

To deeply heal - bone by bone - the energy in your skeleton

To just BE.

You are held in this space - not only by the guided meditations and energy healing sessions - but by your very foundation. Your bones.

The Lounge is where you can access all of the recorded meditations and energy healing sessions of Energy Archaeology. The collection is ever-expanding as new meditations and healings are created. If there's something you'd like to see or need support around, simply send an email to

You are welcome to explore the three modules below - there are a select few that are open so you can explore the paths and try two of the most popular meditations before you sign up for your FREE trial.

The first is a written section on how to make the most of The Lounge - this includes three separate "paths," depending on your goals and intentions. The first section also contains tips for energy work safety and integration. Below this, you'll find the Guided Meditations and Energy Healing Sessions.

The meditations are shorter and help you learn simple practices to clear, ground, or amplify the energy in your bones. The energy healing sessions are longer and more intense - healing, clearing, and transmuting energy at a deep level.


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